Providing Access to World-class Software Engineers

Move your business faster

Proxima-b provides access to some of the best software engineers in the world, at up-to 50% below the market-rate in the United States and Western Europe. Proxima-b can do project work or can provide dedicated, long-term resources for your company.

  • building

    Clients we serve:

    • Start-ups and smaller, fast-growing companies that need affordable, first-class developers.
    • Agencies looking for technical development expertise for one of their projects.
    • Larger companies looking to quickly find skilled, hard-working IT professionals.
  • wheels


    Our developers cover a wide variety of frameworks and languages. Some of their specialties include:

    • LAMP architecture development
    • NoSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, Linux, Amazon Web Services, Nginx, Redis, Haproxy, Zend framework
    • Advanced javascript
    • Java
    • Mobile app development (Android and iOS)
    • Wordpress
    • CSS frameworks such as Twitter bootstrap and Foundation
    • Linux server management
    • eCommerce shopping cart integration
    • More
  • lightbulbs


    We have products managers, product marketing managers, and marketing experts who have built and scaled high performance online properties. Capabilities include:

    • Ideation
    • Site design and UX
    • Design
    • Search engine optimization
    • Social media marketing
    • Video marketing
    • Brand design and brand promotion
    • Mobile marketing
    • Online business models
    • Programmatic ad buying
    • Affiliate marketing

Some of our projects

Our engineers designed and built every component of the sites listed below.

  • booksie


    We built an online publishing platform that receives over 20,000 visits per day. The platform uses a LAMP architecture married with ElasticSearch. The site was built to be SEO friendly and includes registration integration with Facebook and Twitter as well as API sharing capabilities. The front-end was built to be responsive using the Twitter Bootstrap framework.

  • thenextbigwriter


    We build an online writing community for writers to workshop their novels, short stories, and poems. The site includes an internal accounting system to keep track of reviews and feedback. The site is a subscription model and we build the subscription system and use Stripe to process the payments. We also built a javascript editing tool that allows reviewers to leave in-line comments in the html text.

  • worldmakermedia


    This is a standard Magento ecommerce implementation.

  • collagio


    Royalty tracking system for ebook publishers.

  • strockrentals


    A fairly standard real-estate site. We do build simpler, lower volume sites also.